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Incredible India ! the land of wonders , culture and heritage appealing the tourists from all over the world.  If you are planning to travel in India then we can give you some essential information about travel to India.  These essential travel information  may be helpful to the tourists to plan India  tour in a proper direction. Such important travel information to India is India weather, India cusine, India trains, Fairs and festivals of India, Flights in India, cities and important places of interest in India, tourist accommodation in India, India VISA policy, India travel tips, India tourist Map ,  FAQ’s regarding India travel and many more. 

India weater ( can help you to plan when to go to India )

India is geographically vast country so it has different weather at the same time in its different parts. For example weather conditions in the north India are distinctly different to the extreme south of India.

Normally India’s climate is defined by three seasons – the hot, the wet (monsoon) and the cool, each of which can vary in duration from north to south. The most comfortable time to visit India is during the winter season i.e from October to March, although there are marked regional variations. If you are traveling in India during the summer or at  monsoon time ( rainy season ), cool relief can be found in the northern Himalayan region – consider pursuing ‘The Great Himalayan Circuit’.


Though winter season i.e from October to March is the best time to travel in India still many tourits travel in summer and at monsoon period. As India is such a wonderful country and ful of varieties different season time has different attraction, festivals or special events may also influence when you wish to visit.