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Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho is famous for sculptured temples and for its erotic art. Khajuraho is situated at Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho temples are a world heritage site AS declared by UNESCO. Khajuraho is a most visited site of North India. Khajuraho is world famous for its splendid

It was in the year 950 A.D. that the construction of temples began in Khajuraho. Over the succeeding 200 years, hundreds of temples were built here with a unique architectural style that displayed medieval sexual life explicitly on the walls. Today, only 25 of those temples are well-intact with most of the erstwhile temples getting ruined or dilapidated with time.     

Khajuraho is most famous for its erotic wall sculptors and carvings.  Though there are no sexual carvings inside the temples or near any of the deities, the external walls are replete with erotic art. Most of these wall sculptures depict humans, human bodies, changes that occur in the human bodies and also sexual activities among humans.    

Apart from portraying erotic art, walls of temples also depict some of the day to day human activities like woman going to well to fetch water, farmers harvesting and girls putting on ornaments and getting doled up for a ceremony.


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