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Indian Travel tips

Indian Travel tips  
When any tourists travel in India from abroad there are some important tips to follow so that the tourists can travel very smoothly and can come to know some of the most important travel guidelines.   
Here are some of these important travel tips to follow at the time of traveling in India.        


India Visa :   
Visa is compulsory to travel to india and this is mandatory to get India Visa in advance before arrival in India. To arrange this India Visa this is required to contact the Indian embassies or Indian consulate in the country of that particular tourists. There are many kinds of India Visa is available like tourist Visa, business Visa, Visa for job and education etc. Among these this is easy to get tourist Visa in India.     


Being a partially controlled currency rupees are not available outside India. All ports of entry in the country have a 24-hours bank exchange counter immediately after customs and immigration. Keep the encashment certificate that are given by hotels / banks when your convert foreign currency into rupees. Rupees so converted, as evidence by the encashment certificates, are deemed to be foreign exchange when paying local bills. ( Some hotels and restaurants accept payment only in foreign exchange from tourists ). These are also necessary for converting the Rupees into foreign currency when you return.
Cash withdrawals on credit from dispensing machines should not be relied on for funds.       

Avoid drinking tap water and taking ice in drinks. Stick to bottled water ( or boiled / UV treated water available at the hotels ) and ensures that the seal is opened by you / in your presence. Aerated water ( bottled soft drinks ) are fine. Eat moderately for the first few days. Allow your system to get used to the changes. Yogurt ( Locally called “ Curd “ ) is advisable for weak constitutions or after a hot curry. Indian beer, gin and rum are fine. Your may not find some of the local whiskey very good . wine, if available , would generally be expensive. Check the price before ordering. Imported liquior is available but very expensive.      

We recommend you to carry with you a small supply of basic health care medication such as a travel sickness tablets, anti-diarrhea tablets, insect repellent, sun creams and general purpose antibiotic. Although most of these items are available in India , the security provided by brands one is used to, reassuring. We strongly recommend that all travelers are properly insured for the holiday. If you have taken your own travel insurance, please check that it includes repatriation costs


Travel Insurance    
During travel in India if you want to get travel insurance then this is suggested to get it from your own country before your travelling to India. During your travel in India we use commercial vehicle so the car or coach you will travel through are insured and they are purely tourist permit holder vehicle.


Holiday and festivals         
During your travel in India you can ask your travel agent for a brief details for fairs and festivals of India. As if you are getting any fairs and festivals during your travel in India and such fairs and festivals are taking place around your places you are visiting then  this is highly recommended to visit that. As always Indian fairs and festivals are very colourful , gorgeous and worth to visit.

Also another important point is that during such holidays and festivals mostly offices, banks, some big shopping malls or markets can be closed. So if you have the prior information for such holidays and festivals in India then you may be ready according to that.

Trains and flights   
If you are using trains or flights in India this is recommended to follow the schedule, proper arrival and departure time and your ticket booking status so that there is no last minute issue to board the trains or flights on time.  


Also this is suggested to know the weather of India during your travel so that you can get a chance to be prepared according to that and if require you can use the clothes accordingly.  

During the day it is best to wear light, comfortable cottons with a pair of good ventilated walking shoes (Open-toed sandals let in dust and pebbles and cottons socks). For the sightseeing session you may find a good pair of sunglasses and sun-hat handy. At some of the Monuments/ temples. Mosques, It is advisable to avoid sleeveless tops and shorts skirts. Your may also be asked to remove your shoes: in such cases airline socks are useful.

Women traveler tips :       
Once upon a time, women traveling alone used to be frowned upon in India, but times are a changing'. Ladies travel a lot more now - infect; there are now ladies’ queues for train tickets, ladies’ compartments in trains and even ladies’ seats in buses. So you see, it is not that bad.  If you are following the tips and suggestion provided by your travel agent in India this is safe. As the travel agent from India has much practical knowledge of his or her country.  

The 1st commandment - Be friendly but don't get friendly, especially with those servicing you in hotels, trains or even your cabbie or coolie.


Don't wear anything that attracts glances or invites cat calls. In metros like Delhi, Mumbai etc., it is ok to dress western but in smaller cities and towns, short skirts, tight pants or blouses can make you stand out in the crowd. Dress sober - loose and long clothes that neither define body shape nor expose it.

Never accept a ride to...…anywhere...…if there's someone accompanying the driver in a taxi or an auto-rickshaw which are not organized by your travel agent.

Keep your hotel room locked while you are inside.         

Local emergency contact nos.    
This is recommended to collect emergency local contact no. of each city you will visit including the 24 x 07 contact no. of your travel agent with whom you have booked the tour and hotel names and contact nos. you will stay. As such emergency local contact no.  are very helpful to call in case of any urgency .   This is suggested to collect such emergency local contact no. before your arrival in India so that you can circulate such nos. to your relatives and family members to get you in touch in case of any emergency.

Most hotels and resort offer same days laundry service. A portable iron can be hany when pressed for time. In remote areas laundry service may not be available.

For reasons of security you may asked to remove batteries from your camera.        

India provides splendid opportunities for the shopper especially for skill and cotton, gemstones, carpets, bed linen, handicrafts in all types of medium, miniature paintings and much more. If asked our local agents will advise on where best to buy particular items. When purchasing an expensive item, always check the level of duty payable in the UK on your import. Please remember VAT is payable on all goods above the value of $145 per person, even if an item is exempt from other import duties. Most hand woven carpets used to be exempt from duty: this is no longer the case.       

Be prepared for the occasional pressure selling from some guides/ drivers. Although they will generally take you to respectable establishment offering reasonable quality likely that they have vested interest. If you are not interested, and if the guide/ driver is particularly insistent, do not hesitate to refuse and bring it to the attention of our associate offices/ agents in India. However, please note that we, or any of the associate offices and agents in India, are not responsible for any shopping and related problems, although we assure you of any help that we can provide.    

The electric voltage in India is 220 volts. Most English Appliances work well in India but a universal adapter is needed. Many deluxe hotels provide hair dryers but it is advisable to carry your own, if you use one regularly.          

Tipping & Gifts:       
Tipping is common, particularly if you are happy with the service. Please note that tips are in addition to (and not the same) porter age, which unless otherwise specified, is included in your holiday price. Some suggested amounts for tipping are:     

Drivers/ Reps who help you with the transfers Rs. 150 - 200     
Bell boy who carry your baggage to your room Rs. 70 - 90       
Drivers/ Guides for half day/ Full day sightseeing trips Rs. 200 - 250    
Drivers/ Guides for long trips Rs. 150 - 200 Per traveler/ day    
(The above amounts are mainly indicative. It is often customary to pay higher sums depending upon the quality of service.)   
Waiters in restaurants (If service charge not included) 100 - 150         

If visiting a village a supply of pens or sweet come in handy to distribute among the curious children who may follow you but you need to be careful in case the children out number pens/ Sweets  

If you wish to do something to charity in India, we support a couple of charitable organization/ orphanages who accepts both financial and material support (like clothes both new and old) if you are interested to do something & you have some extra luggage Spaces you may bring some clothes for this needy people., we would like be happy to take any of these organization to distribute the same yourselves . We believe this humble step towards charity.

Some do’s and don’ts      
Carry your passport and necessary travel documents safely.    
Do not smoke or drink alcohol in public places.
Do not give money to beggars.      
Public display of affection is not appreciated and neither is public nudity unless perhaps one is at a beach.
Ask for permission before clicking pictures of women and religious complexes.          
Some of the places where the security reason is concern this is not allowed to take any photograph.

If you feel there is a problem, do have faith in our local associates bring it to there attention. It is not good idea to harbor a complain for redress later rather than seek remedy locally. Above all, retain your sense of humour.



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