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Indian Trains

Indian Trains have a great role in its socio-economy development. Indian rail has one of the biggest rail network in the world. It connects all the big and small cities and towns,villages and important tourist destinations all over India. 

Indian rail also has a different category trains which are known as luxury trains in India like Palace on wheels, Royal Rajasthan on wheels, Dcan Odyssey, Golden Chariott, Fairy queen and many more.    

Except these different category of luxury trains , Regular Indian trains in India have a great significance during the travel inside India from one place to other.    

Please find some brief descriptions about the different classes available in an Indian train.    

Before entering into the brief description of Indian railway classes main segment for Indian railway class is travelling into an air-conditioned class and other is non – air-conditioned  class. Mostly this non – air-conditioned  class is preferred by the local Indian travelers and village people to fit their low budget and other one air-conditioned class is mostly used by the Indian business travelers and the foreign tourists for comfortable and relaxing journey.     

In case of air-conditioned classes in Indian trains please find the different classes and their brief description with photograph for easy understanding.   

Shatabdi Exp.          
This is one of the two trains in the super fast category as managed and operated by Indian railway. Shatabdi express basically run shorter distance which can be possible to cover up in a day from is origin destination to its last destination. Basically this Shatabdi express cover major tourist destinations, metro cities, main business centers.         

These Shatabdi express trains are fully air-conditioned with high standard as compared to the regular Indian trains.

 The passengers on Shatabdi Exp. are offered snacks, meals , coffee, tea, mineral water, juice, etc. on board.          

In these train trains you can get two types of class one is 01st A/c or Executive class and second one is A/c chair car.      

Executive class / 01st class          
 This class comes with an air-conditioned seater coach along with four seats in a row utilized during the day travel or shorter journey between cities.     

AC  Chair car
This class offers an air-conditioned seater coach along with five seats in a row utilized during the day travel between cities.

Except this Shatabdi Express there are other long distance trains which are mostly overnight trains to cover from its origin point to its final destination point.   In case of the overnight trains they have also different accommodation classes like 01st class air-conditioned sleeper berth, 02 tier air-conditioned sleeper berth and 03 tier air-conditioned sleeper berth.   

In Indian trains in case of air-conditioned sleeper berth classes you can get bed roll to sleep included in the ticket price, First aid box available with train superintendent or pantry car manger and they are trained to provide first aid passengers in case of any emergency. In case of super fast category trains like Rajdhani and Shatabdi express passenger can get meals like breakfast , lunch and dinner , News paper , drinks as included in ticket price.   

Here are the small descriptions about these classes as follows : 

01st class air-conditioned sleeper berth
In Indian overnight trains this is the top highest category among air-conditioned sleeper berth classes. This class is much more specious and comfortable so they are expensive than the other sleeper berth classes. This 01st class air-conditioned sleeper berth is available in those trains connecting metropolitan cities and in other major important routes. Basically this class is well maintained with good furnishing and carpeted , also one can get decent sleeping arrangement in this class. 

02 tier air-conditioned sleeper berth   
As per Indian Railway system this is another different class with sleeping arrangements. Here also one can good space from 01 berth to other. In this class sleeping berths are generally set in two tiers in bays of six, four across the width of the coach and two berths across the length.   


03 tier air-conditioned sleeper berth   
03 tier air-conditioned sleeper berth class is the economical and mostly available options in most of the Indian overnight trains. Only difference in this class is that the sleeping berth system is with three berths across the width and 02 berths across the length.        



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