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Golden Triangle Tour India

Golden Triangle India is a famous routes for the tourists from all over the world and as well for the Indian tourists.Specially the tourists from abroad wants to visit India for first time this is highly recommended to visit Golden Triangle India as Golden Triangle Tours in India show case culture, music, dance, its history, world heritage monuments like Taj Mahal, many royal palaces, massive forts , gorgeous temples , local colorful markets , Indian villages and its common people who are ready to welcome the tourists with India’s great hospitality inherent in their nature.

Golden Triangle India is comprises of three rich cultural, historical and very attractive cities Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. In the map of India as per their geographical location it looks like a triangle with an average distance of 220 – 250 kilometer in each. This triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur has been promoted by Govt. of India as “Golden Triangle India “ because it show case India’s rich culture , tradition and its glory and the tourists who are specially first time visitor in India and have very short time and want to discover and have an experience of Indian culture , tradition and History then this “Golden Triangle India “ is the best routes or destination for them.

Golden Triangle India can be visited at any time and season in India and it has a lot to offer to its tourists from all over the world.So this is highly recommended to the tourists who are coming to visit Indian cultuyre , history and for its village people and for those tourists who are the first time visitor in India to visit this “Golden Triangle India “. For this Golden Triangle India tour it can be visible in minimum 03 - 05 nights and to visit maximum of it within 06 – 07 nights.

Delhi: The first destination for this “Golden Triangle India “where all major airlines from all over world arrive and depart. Also this is the capital of India and one of the metropolitan cities in India, Delhi has many historical monuments , fort and touch of great personality i.e. Mahatma Gandhi , Indira Gandhi, Pandit Jawaharlal Neheru and many more. No doubt Delhi also has many things to show case to its tourists from cultural, traditional and architectural side.

Agra: City of Tajmahal. Agra located on the bank of river Yamuna. Except Tajmahal it has other attraction as well like Agra Fort, Sikandra , Fatehpur Sikri , Mughal emperor Akbar’s tomb. This is also one of the historical , cultural place of this “ Golden triangle India “ route.

Jaipur: Jaipur is the capital of glorious state Rajasthan and this is the first city from where Rajasthan start with Rajasthan Tour. Jaipur also known as “ pink city “. Jaipur has its very rich culture, tradition , history from a long time back when this state Rajasthan was under many legendary kings . Jaipur has many things to attract the tourists from its royal Palace, forts, royal museums, local colorful markets, temples and its people who admire the tourists like its own guest.
In Jaipur you can get some other interesting activities like Elephant ride , Elephant polo, Camel ride , walk around local village closed to Jaipur and many more.

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