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About Pink City Jaipur

Jaipur the pink city has its rich culture and history. Jaipur is capital of the historical state Rajasthan. This city was established by Maharaja Jai Singh II in 1727.  This city was the first planned city of North India a long years back. It was constructed under the super vision of Maharaja Jai Singh II then ruler of Jaipur along with advice from Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, a Brahmin scholar of Bengal, to aid him design the city architecture. Vidyadhar referred the ancient Indian literature on astronomy, books of Ptolemy and Euclid, and discussed the plan with the King. This cvity was built following Indian architecture. To complete the construction of the city including big palaces, roads, and squre it took near about 4 years. This city was divided into nine blocks, out of which two consist the state buildings and palaces, the remaining seven blocks were allotted to the public. In order to ensure the security, huge fortification walls were made along with seven strong gates.  This city also known as Pink City because in 1853 during the visit of Prince of Wales , whole city was painted in Pink colour to welcome him. Still now the neat and broadly laid-out avenues, painted in pink provide a magical charm to the city.

Jaipur  is one of the most important place to visit in India. Many tourists visit this Pink city Jaipur.  Jaipur has good accessibility by air, road and rail.

Places of Tourist Interest in Jaipur :

Amber Fort        
This Amber Fort in Pink city Jaipur is one of the major forts in Rajasthan and one prime tourist attraction in Jaipur. This fort is located at approx. 11 km. from Jaipur city. This was the capital of Kachhwaha clan. This Amber fort is approx. Later the official capital made in Jaipur in 1727. Amber fort is located on the top of hill. Construction of this Amber Fort started by Raja Man Singh and extended by Maharaja Mirja Raja Jai Singh and Sawai Jai Singh lIthe last Maharaja of Amer, who built a new city called Jaipur. This stunning fort made of white marble and Red sand stone. At the fore ground there is a lake known as Maotha lake which gives this fort an additional charm.  Here at Amber fort you will get a true amalgam of Hindu and Mughal architecture.
The Amber Palace inside this Amber fort boasts of lavishly ornamented buildings and riches of Amer rulers. Sheesh Mahal chamber of Mirrors. Diwan-e-Am or the Hall of Public Audience is a beautifully proportioned hall open on three sides and stands on two rows of ornamented pillars. Diwan e-Khas or the Hall of Private Audience has delicate mosaic work in glass. Sukh mandir is guarded by sandalwood doors inlaid with ivory. Through out the massive fort finely carved lattice windows, exquisitely painted doorways, halls and finely sculptured pillars crave for attention.        

Elephant ride at Amber fort in Jaipur
Elephant ride at Amber fort in Jaipur is a most interesting activities and unique experience for any tourist viting Jaipur. You can reach amber fort on a top of Hill using this decorated Elephant by its mahout. Mahouts decorate their elephants , especially the trunk, with floral and geometric patterns using coloured chalk and powders.       

In this place at Amber fort climbing the elephants back is very easy though you may not be a regular elephant climber. As here at Amber fort you will get special elephant stops with ramps where you can wait and get on.         

Many colorful decorated elephants climbing up the hill to take you at Amber fort is  one of the important part of Indian photograph as well !    

Jaigarh Fort 
This Jaigarh fort in Jaipur is another major fort. This fort is approx. 15 kms. away from Jaipur city. This gorgeous fort was constructed by then Maharaja Sawai Singh for strengthen security of Amber and Jaipur city. From this fort you will get a stunning view of Jaipur city and Amber fort. This Jaigarh fort in Jaipur has all its characteristic of a full fledged citadel. Main attraction of Jaigarh fort in Jaipur is the cannon Jaivan also popular as largest cannon on wheels in the world. This fort also has a royal museum which is also worth to visit. This fort has three underground large water tanks to alive harvesting system that time. The largest tank among these three tanks can store water of 60,00,000 galloons of water.

City Palace  
City Palace in Jaipur is one of the major important monuments. City Palace in Jaipur is built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh. Still a part of this city palace in Jaipur is used by the present Maharaja of Jaipur. This Pat of this palace is known as Chandra Mahal. City Palace in Jaipur is an example of Rajasthani and Mughal architecture.         

In front of this Chandra Mahal there is a famous temple of royal family known as Govind devji temple. Present Maharaja of Jaipur comes to give a visit to this Govind devji temple every evening ( if he is available in Jaipur ) at the time of aarti ceremony at Govind devji temple. So this a good chance to get a visit of present Maharaja of Jaipur at Govind devji temple in Jaipur by any tourist.
City Palace in Jaipur is now with a fine museum.  This museum boast of galleries of rare painting, exquisite miniatures, scholarly manuscripts, artifacts and traditional treatises on architecture. The fine collection of guns and swords on display dates back to the 15th century. Also you will get a display of  two huge urns of silver, said to be the largest silver vessels in the world. These vessels used to use to keep water of Holy Ganges river.  Apart from these this museum at City Palace in Jaipur also display royal costumes of the charismatic prince Sawai Madho Singh. 

Observatory or Jantar Mantar    
This Observatory or Jantar Mantar in pink city Jaipur is also an important monument to visit. This Observatory or Jantar Mantar in Jaipur was built by Maharaja Jai Singh II and this monument is very closed to City Palace. This Observatory or Jantar Mantar in Jaipur,  is a superb presentation by Maharaja Jai Singh II, which tells about astrological knowledge, culture and the personal interest of Maharaja Jai Singh II ( who himself also was a grat astrologer ) to the tourist from all over the world. Maharaja Jai Singh II built five astronomical observatories among them the Observatory or Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is more accurate and perfect.         

Albert Hall or Central Museum
This Albert Hall known as Central Museum is a popular museum in Jaipur. This Albert hall is superb Collection Of Rajasthan miniature Paintings, traditional Royal Costumes, woodwork , Sculptures, specimen of natural history , an Egyptian Mummy and the well known Persian Golden Carpet.  This museum is situated at beautiful Ram Niwas garden.
This Central Museum depicts the way of living in Rajasthan by its true presentation of a Rajasthan village scene complete with costumes, furniture, pottery and brassware.
This Central Museum or Albert hall was founded by Prince of Wales (later Edward VII ).  

Accessibility : 

Jaipur is well connected by road, rail and by flight from Delhi, Agra and other cities. This also very well connected by Indian rail. As there are regular many trains are operating from Delhi, Mumbai, Agra,Udaipur,Jodhpur, Jaipur , Chennai Pune etc .

Jaipur is also connected by the internal flights in India from Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, Ahmedabad, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Aurangabad, Kolkata etc. Also some of the international flights operate to Jaipur basically from Dubai and Singapore.

Accommodation ( Hotels in Jaipur ) : 

Jaipur city offers a large no. of hotel accommodation starting from Luxury hotels to normal budget hotels. It has wide no. accommodation available in Heritage hotels.

As per the budget and preference of the tourists and business traveler in Jaipur mnay hotels in Jaipur are aviable. Also this is a nice idea to stay at Heritage hotels in Jaipur. These Heritage hotels in Jaipur have their own unique personality and décor with their grand courtyard, amazing mirror works on the walls and ceiling, beautiful paintings, charming arches, beautiful inlays work of the precious stones.  These Jaipur heritage Hotels offer you a slice of history, with one major beautiful experience.

Fairs & Festivals in Jaipur : 

Rajasthan itself a destination for many colorful fairs and Festivals as happen in each of its cities and small vilages.             

Jaipur capital of Rajasthan has also several colourful  fairs and festivals. These colourful  fairs and festivals , dances, music are a part of life in Jaipur as well as in the entire Rajasthan. Here are the small description among some of the Fairs and Festivals in Jaipur.

Elpehnat Festival Jaipur : Elephant Festival in Jaipur celebrate every year in Jaipur on the day of Festival of color known as Holi. This Elephant Festival in Jaipur takes place every year at Old stadium in Jaipur at Chaugan stadium originally planned for stadium.
The festival begins with an attractive procession of the majestic animals like elephants, camels lovingly painted and gorgeously decorated with glittering ornaments and embroidered velvets.  Elephants participate in this festival are all female elephants.
The mahouts (elephant keepers) take good care to decorate the elephants. The mahouts paint their elpehnats’ trunks, foreheads, and feet with floral motifs and adorning them from tusk to tail with interesting trinkets. These wearing like anklets and make music as the elephants walk.   

A gorgeous procession is recreated with vibratly decorated elephants, lancers on horses, chariots, camels, cannons and palanquins.

Teej Festival
This Teej festival is one of the major festival in Jaipur. Teej Festival takes place at the beginning of monsoon season. This Teej festival is basically performed by the young ladies married and unmarried both. A vibrant colouful and gorgeous procession is taken out in Jaipur during this Teej festival. Women and young girls wear their best colourful clothes along with their fine jewellery. Then women gather in temples to worship and pray to Goddess Parvati.
Gangaur Festival
This Gangaur festival is another major festival in Jaipur. Gangaur Festival takes place at the beginning of Spring season. This Gangaur festival is also performed by the young ladies married and unmarried both. Ladies make the idol of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati and worship them at their home. Unmarried girls seek the blessings for a good husband and married women pray for good health and long life of their husbands. A traditional gorgeous procession is taken out in Jaipur during this Gangaur festival on the 18 th day of this festival. Women and young girls wear their best colourful clothes along with their fine jewellery. This colourful procession starts from the City Palace in Jaipur and this procession is headed by colourful elephants, old palanquins, chariots, bullock carts and performance folk artistes. This 18th day of this Gangaur festival is no doubt very attractive. 

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